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In this beautiful episode, we explore profound and deep roots of pervasive issue, shedding clarity, truth, and hope where little is usually found. Enjoy. July 27, 2023. 

Arash is a mystical seer, magical knower and master healer. Today we talk about the spiritual gift of seer ship. While I am truly grateful for it, since this gift is also one of my main gifts I can attest that this gift comes with a lot of responsibility. He works in a practice in Beverly Hills and  Los Angeles, seeing individuals and businesses, both in-person and virtually helping them connect to and open their hearts inside their own magical healing journeys. So you can reach out to him for a healing session of your own. In this wonderful episode with Alyson Charles, we explore Seeing and Mysticism. Don't Miss it. May 2022.

Thrive Article -- Join me in reading my latest interview with fashion blogger and spiritualist Catherine Grace O'Connell titled "What One Mystic Says About Life's Deeper Mysteries," wherein we explore "What is a Mystic?," and point to the mystic in all of us. April 4, 2017. Read the Interview Here

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