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Something is conveyed in the words spoken by Arash, and in the space between the words. I don’t even need to understand what has occurred! I just know that I feel enchanted by life again.  I feel inquisitive, switched on and connected.  More than anything I feel immense gratitude at the beauty of what it is to be human. Thank you Arash, for helping me get here.


I found Arash after suffering for over a decade with multiple debilitating and excruciatingly painful autoimmune disorders. I had tried just about every remedy that both conventional and alternative medicine had to offer, but nothing helped in any lasting or meaningful way. During our very first session, Arash was able to bring my attention to the core emotional wound that triggered my autoimmunity. In that moment, I felt a dramatic and indescribable energetic shift that made me question everything I thought I knew about reality up to that point. I have since experienced a healing that is deeper than I knew was possible for me in this lifetime. My energy has increased, my pain has decreased, and I have been able to completely eliminate three pharmaceutical medications. My time with Arash has helped me to understand myself better than I ever have and has given me the courage to live my life from the most beautiful and authentic depths of my being. No words are capable of describing the amount of love and appreciation I have for him.  I believe I was drawn to Arash because I had exhausted every allopathic and naturopathic treatment option, and there was nothing left for me to do but look within to fulfill my desire to heal. His light and gentleness were gifts of grace I received to help guide me through the process. If you feel drawn to him, it is likely that you are also ready for the same type of radical healing, and I would highly recommend following the impulse to reach out to him. I am thankful every day for his presence in this world!


With awe and gratitude,



Los Angeles, CA

Arash has been really helping me with my son, Oliver who has special needs.

Without having ever seeing him or spoken to him in person, Arash understands Oliver so deeply that it moves me to tears, as he speaks the truth of who Oliver is.

This has so lightened the burden of looking after Oliver as well as inspired us to help Oliver come closer to his potential.

I cannot thank Arash enough.

Malai S

Bristol, England

I am 46 years old and have Stage 4 breast cancer which was a bit of a shock with many dark days and lots of tiring treatment. Arash has lifted me up during my darkest, most difficult times not just while I would speak to him but for days and sometimes weeks after our conversations. His guidance has helped me immensely and created hope when there was none. I treasure every moment with him. He has made me see things clearly for the first time. He knows things that confirm to me that he is special and I feel like he is an angel who was sent to my spirit to help...and I am supposed to be an atheist. I went searching for tools with London's best cancer psychologist but found them all with Arash. His compassion and spirituality is infectious and I could not have hoped to find a better healing human, even if it is on the other side of Earth, to help me through this time.


Susan H., England

Before finding Arash Jacob, my health had reached a plateau, despite my every effort. Everything changed under his care, and I now see a light that represents a pain-free life. After the very first visit, I felt a mobility and balance in my body that I'd never before experienced, and the feeling has only intensified over the weeks. Each session peels back a new layer of the "onion," and unlike some forms of body work, I find Arash's work to have a lasting effect. His work changes the health of the whole body, rather than focusing on a localized area of pain. I highly recommend his services.

Molly Chester
Traditional Foods Chef

There is a lot about the universe I don't understand and will most certainly never understand. One of those things is the art of healing performed by Arash. I don't understand it, but I do believe and embrace it. His ability to read energy, redirect energy and give a voice to an unseen layer of self is something I am truly grateful for. In my visits, I have aways felt internal and external realignment and release. Arash has a gift or a skill or an awareness or all of the above designed to redirect your energy, listen to your core and give you answers to questions you never knew to ask.  If you are hesitant or skeptical, I would urge you to give it a chance and take a leap. I did and I'll never look back.

Albert B.

I moved to LA just over 5 years ago. I was starting over and didn't really know anyone here. I was so fortunate to find Arash. I can't say enough about this man. His manner is one of complete and total kindness, compassion and respect. He's a very gifted healer at the highest level of consciousness and I've worked with many many healers. Arash is different. He sees things in a very unique way with special gifts. I've been blessed to work with him since I arrived in LA and his sessions are truly life changing. He helped me to know myself on a much deeper level. He helped me to connect to my authentic self that I didn't know existed. I look forward to seeing Arash as just being in his presence alone is immensely healing. He's a gentle yet powerful soul who is a blessing on this earth. There are many many healers that aren't the real deal. I've learned to discern over time. I promise you, Arash is the real deal. Hold on for the ride as it's an amazing one. 

Many Blessings, 

Catherine Grace O'Connell

I don't know what he does but it's magic. If anything is going on in your life that needs help whether it's a physical or emotional problem, Arash does his magic and you leave feeling profoundly better.


Jen Wittman, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Success Coach - The Healthy Plate

Arash is a world class healer and a wonderful person.

Just being in his presence is a healing experience. In my case, he got healing  results and he got them rapidly.


monty g.

Arash took my healing down a road no one else was able to. The saying, "words can't describe" fit here more aptly than usual. I cannot describe what the affect of Arash's energy work was in terms of practical or specific results.He operates at such a deep level that it goes beyond the rational and regular healer-patient experience. I know I received gifts that are bordering on the supernatural from working with Arash and I can't thank him enough.

Scott Sobol

musician, writer

Some experiences are quite challenging to describe in words. Receiving treatments from Arash is one of those "indescribable" experiences, but I will do my best.

I have changed. The pain I once felt is gone. Beginning in my muscles, moving to my skeleton, then to my mind and down into my heart and crescendoing out into my spirit, all of me has changed.


I now experience a sense of peacefulness and strength that I never before even knew was available to us humans. No matter what "issue" I bring to Arash the truth always unfolds and I then feel whole again.

When I met Arash I was looking for a very deep and healing journey. I have received more, much much more than I ever thought possible. I have gratitude that is as expansive as the love of life that I am fortunate enough to feel every single day!



I wanted to write in regard to my appreciation and complete amazement with your talents and gifts both as your patient and as someone who has referred many other clients and patients to you and has had the opportunity to hear their positive feedback. I find you to be immensely unique and a healer. Your sensitivity and intuition tap into layers unseen, which could take years to uncover, if ever. Your unique and gentle techniques delve into the intricate and often hidden relationship between pain, and physical manifestations, and the emotional and spiritual traumas of the past, and this brings about the true healing that I and others in your care have experienced. I feel immensely blessed to know you and cherish your uniqueness and healing gifts.

With gratitude,
Raymond Silkman, DDS

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