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Q:  What do you call yourself? What do you treat?

A:  Others call me a Sufi, Psychic, Seer, Shaman, Energy Healer, or Master Healer. I've never thought of myself of anything other than an agent of serenity and calm. I do have gifts of spiritual sight and near-endless feel, and deep knowing that let me help in the areas of: body, emotions/mind, and heart. 


Q:  What do you mean by healer? Isn't that the same as energy healing or Reiki healing?


A:  One who is drawn to energy healing will also be drawn to my work, but they differ. While energy healing or reiki for example works to bring energy to the individual or rearrange her or his energies, my work seeks to raise consciousness--helping a mind or heart to be more clear thus raising one's inner energies. Once clarity arises, healing is inevitable. Therefore, I am concerned with your clarity of consciousness and not your energies directly. A person who sees and knows their own truth is said to have the needed clarity. Healing then is inevitable. It’s not that something's lacking in you that needs adding to, it’s the clearing of debris and the accumulation of lifetimes of mind wanderings and warpings.

Q:  Do you treat couples? We’ve tried other folks, but I feel that my partner and I would benefit from someone spiritual.

A:  More and more have I had requests from couples for sessions. I enjoy it and whether it’s a romantic couple or a mother-and-daughter pairing, couples report great benefit, insight, and growth. It’s a great way to experience my work and a lot of fun.

Q:  Where are you located?

A:  My physical location is in Beverly Hills, California. I  treat in person, by phone, and over video chat. If you’re looking for Healing in Los Angeles or anywhere in the English-speaking world, I may be right for you.

Q:  I have a hard time believing that distance sessions are as effective as in person. Can you say more?

A:  My gifts work irrespective of space. Clients in the U.K., France, Spain, and across the U.S. report as powerful experiences as those in person. Distance is a construct of the mind. On the spiritual plane, distance is irrelevant, as if not existing at all. Choose the appointment style (in person vs. remote) that feels right to you.

Q:  Do you treat children?

A:  Yes. Contact me beforehand with the child’s age and full birth name and I will advise on whether to bring the child in or to begin treatment remotely at first, usually with a parent or parents present. I've treated many children very effectively as I've found in-person visit for the little ones too intense.

Q:  What if I don’t believe in your methods? Will your sessions still work?

A:  Children don’t “believe” yet we make tremendous progress. One thing is important: Coming because your spouse urges you to (husbands: this applies to you :)) is a guarantee for a bad outcome. Don't do it. One has to want it for themselves for best effect!

Q:  I’m so tired: I’ve seen so many healers. I know I need help, but I just haven’t seen benefit from past efforts. Can you help?

A:  Please ask yourself, “Did I see all those people because I wanted to or because someone else wanted me to? Did I cave to some guilt, family, or societal expectation that I get better? If a modality has failed, search yourself and you’ll likely find that your reasons for going in the first place weren’t in earnest. There is no other way: It has to be for you.

Q:  I have experienced some really bad trauma and nothing I do seems to help. Can one ever climb out of old severe trauma and abuse?

A:  Many do. People that I see have. I can help offer the clarity to that freedom.

Q:  I’m creative and traditional forms of help don’t resonate. I'm drawn to your work but don’t understand why or how it could help beyond other approaches.

A:  Your heart draws you to me but your mind creates doubt. Your heart is right. Creative souls do stunning with me. Composers, painters, photographers, musicians, and creatives of all sorts report tremendous opening and change; they resonate with my work.

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