Arash Jacob

'Insight and healing from the beyond'

"The shaman, mystical, magical, A Sufi, and healer of healers," are some words that heart friends have called me.


Whatever the language, I offer to bring clarity to one's self and gifts from the beyond the physical.


Being welcomed into spirituality has been part of my world since I was seven years old. It is a joy and an honor to have access to spirit, its ways, its majesty, and the possibility of magic that it holds so powerfully. 

I help to clear obscurity and the spiritual brush so that one can tread and experience life more easily. I deliver gifts from the unseen to assist one's growth and I present the light that wants to make us more whole. Spiritual and creative seekers do tremendously well with me, easily understanding truths, imbibing them, and moving more easily.


Whether the difficulty be in the mind, heart, or body, I am often asked: "Is there something that I can do between sessions to help myself?" Many times yes, and if there is, I happily give that: It can be an original mantra to usher in change , some action one can consider doing, or often, some habit one can consider undoing!  Other times, I am asked to help your deepest state, and that can be done too. 

Listen for the call. I offer a way forward.

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