Arash Jacob

Healing On The Spiritual Plane

Healer, Sufi, mystic, and seer are how some heartful friends have described me. Spiritual sight and knowing are my gifts.


Most who come to me have seen many others for help and yet elements unquenched drive them to deeper answers and therefore to my door.

I listen to an individual and to their difficulties and desires and remain open to all within them that appears to me. I then share what I see to help the individual become aware of the root and reason for their problem. Once understood, healing is an

inevitability. If more work is needed (past lives, stubborn traumas, or other) we can address those of course and move toward solutions. Whether the difficulty resides in the mind, heart,spirit, or body, we can address it. I often am asked, "Is there something that I can do between sessions to help myself?" Many times, yes. I will give you that spiritual guidance. Other times, there is something that I am asked to do in order to help one's state. Either way, I will offer what's needed and a way toward your desires. My help is to clarify, offer assistance, and reveal a path of growth and freedom.


Welcome to the magic, and welcome to the journey.

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