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Arash Jacob

Spiritual Advisor                 Modern Mystic 
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What is wellness to the body, centeredness to the emotions, and calm to the heart?

What does it mean for healing?

When the body is ill, we call it sickness. When the body pains, we know it needs help. What are these cries and what are they trying to say? Is inflammation really inner tears that haven't been heard like the masters teach? If one were able to hear, would the cry then dissolve into the no-longer-needed basket. How is it that some body pains come from 'nowhere' and leave in time while others propagate with

some mysterious engine running them on repeat nearly 24/7? If one were to hear the tissue's words, could wellness come as easily as the river runs?

What happens when emotions inside us stay hidden or rub against one another? Don't we call this anxiety? And when one is centered, can any trace of discord or hiding be experienced within? What if one could train one's listening and inner feel to pick up hidden truths as the eye sees furniture in a room? Could a turmoiled inner states survive and perpetuate anxiety, panic, or fear? What if centeredness were the key to knowing the mind that so constantly tries to hide you from yourself?  

And what of the heart? What would it be to have calm there? The thought of it makes my eyes want to close in beautiful serenity. What if such a state could be had as not the rare one, but the more commonly one? What if one with gifted eyes could see such a state and help you? Could there then be any separation between self and the heart?

Are you looking for a supreme healer, spiritual healer, energy healer, shaman, remote healing expert, or a long distance healer?

What if I have been called all those by those who've seen me?  What does it mean?

You decide. 


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