Arash Jacob
Magical Seer - Mystical Knower


Welcome to all creatives, mystics, seekers, and angels. You've found the right place.

I've been called a Sufi, psychic, intuitive, seer, "The shaman" by my famed cousin lovelies, and a healer of healers. Maybe if you take them, roll into one, you have me, or ... some of me.

Who can benefit from my gifts? Anyone who is drawn. Since the heart is the sage within, a heart steering can land one in the most beautiful direction. For some, it is, "I knew the second I saw your picture, I had to see you." For others: "I was given your name by two people

starting over a year ago and I got tired of not listening."

My story started when I was seven. Growing up in Florida, I sensed a difference between the physical realities around me and the empty space between them. I knew that there was something else in this world that no one was talking about, and that this force knew also that I was there. Thus began my relationship with the unseen.

In 2001, my spiritual self began to reveal itself. While I was doing learned things, a second sight began to appear that intensified itself powerfully. I realized that I would have to transition to a spiritual practice and to one day fly solely on those wings. On December 31, 2020 I officially dropped all medical associations totally and now embrace only the spirit, unseen, cosmos, and consciousness, using my connected gifts to offer clarity and to help the individual come to their most powerful self.

Listen for the call. I offer a path forward.