Q:  What do you do?

A:  Think of me as a spiritual guide. I tap in to the different dimension d help one to see, feel, or grow more easily and with more clarity.

Q:  How many sessions will it take?

A:  For some it's shorter, and for others, longer. I generally recommend three sessions to start. Also, total time of sessions may depend on several factors, but the primary is desire.

Q:  What's your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy?

A:  Change or cancel appointments with forty-eight hours notice, online, anytime. With less notice, one half the appointment fee applies; the other half is refunded. If forty-eight hours or more out, use the quick links on your appointment confirmation email. If you didn't receive a confirmation email, you likely misspelled your email during booking. Call of email me and we'll correct it.

Q:  What if I don't believe in this type of work? Can I still benefit?

A:  Yes. One exception: If someone has made the appointment for you and you feel forced to come, please call me to cancel as it will likely be a waste of your time and energy and will not work. Otherwise, some healthy skepticism is good and inevitably helps the process.

Q:  Can children be treated too?

A:  Yes. Children are generally very open to healing. If you're unsure what length of appointment to choose, email me with the child's full birth name, including middle name, and I can help guide you.

Q:  What if I've seen a million therapists already--is this just another form of that?

A:  Absolutely not. Together we work with the help of energies beyond the mind. For example, creative people especially, find that my work feels very much like "home,"that they can sense the shifts and power, and feel very comfortable with the routes we take in ushering change.

If you have any other questions I didn't cover, email me.

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