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What is Cranial Osteopathy? What does an Osteopath do?

Your doctor sits with you. You start talking, explaining how you've come to be, sitting in front of him. He studies what you've pointed to, asking that the holes be filled. Birth details? Trauma? Falls? Orthodontia? Dental work? You answer. A careful study of the physical body is next. He looks, feels, and listens. The heart trumpet sounds. The belly melody plays. Roll call. Spine, hips, feet, shoulders, clavicles? Anyone out of line, causing trouble? All is noted. Now you lay on the treatment table. He rests his hands atop your head or feet and waits. Minutes pass. Skilled hands begin to feel. The body's speaks-revealing itself. Traumas unfold.

An old birth strain in the right leg tugs on the pelvis, twisting the spine, calling you. "Pay attention. I'm the cause of the low back pain you seek."

A shock to the sternum, heart, and ribs has twisted the chest, causing shoulder tightness, pain. "Help me with this and I'll free one shoulder, maybe two!" -the chest cries out. "That car accident did this to me."

This is the intimate communication we expose every day, with every patient. If you forgot a fall, or a trauma, nothing is lost. The body will testify on your behalf, telling all. Skilled hands can read this, verifying strain patterns that have caused your ailments.

And now your doctor will issue cure. Not with the drugs or surgery at his disposal, as his license allows. But in accord with the body's natural method of cure. So how does the body heal? At what pace? And with what texture? Can it heal overnight a trauma of years ago? Insanity!

It is with a calm, directed, healing potency that the body works. It is with that same potency that the Cranial Osteopath works-aiding it, stimulating it. He encourages that potency to treat old areas-traumas long forgotten or too difficult to overcome. He acts as the body's greatest helper. Could the forces that such hands apply ever overwhelm or overpower? No. The Cranial Osteopath applies, with his hands, only gentle to balanced forces, sometimes featherlike, sometimes firmer but always in response to the body's need, not his own. It is with this skilful understanding and meticulous execution that the Cranial Osteopath can help to remove tissue restrictions. The body can now begin healing the way it couldn't before, without strain, without hindrance.

What is a Cranial Osteopathic treatment like?
What can Cranial Osteopathy treat?

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