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Cranial Osteopathy compared to Craniosacral therapy.

Skill. It is a healer's greatest asset. Many flaunt it, but few posses it. Great study and guided training are required to develop it. Whatever your needs, assess your practitioner's level of skill. So it is that I offer the following truths for clarity, whether you're looking for a craniosacral therapist in Los Angeles, Santa Monica or beyond.

  Cranial Osteopathy Craniosacral therapy
Results Consistently outstanding results. Variable results.
Scope of treatment Unlimited. Treats all body systems and tissues. Includes treatment of brain, bones, muscle, nerves, lymph, fascial and internal organ systems. Also includes treatment of arms, hands, legs and feet. Breadth of knowledge is inclusive. Variable with limited scope. Some are trained in treating spine, lymph, nervous, brain, organ and joints systems but many are not. Breadth of knowledge here can be highly variable--please ask individual practitioner.
License Fully licensed physicians. D.O. = Doctor of Osteopathy. Recognized in all fifty states and practiced throughout the world. No licensing exists anywhere.
Training 5 years minimum. Four years Osteopathic medical school plus one to three years of hospital residency. Throughout this training, practitioners complete hundreds to thousands of hands-on apprenticeship hours with expert Osteopaths. Variable. Most are licensed massage therapists or physical therapists with as little as 4 days of formal craniosacral instruction.
History of creation Discovered by A.T. Still, MD in 1874. Eighteen years later, after countless cured and its theories proven, the first school of Osteopathy was founded in Kirksville, Missouri in 1892. Dr. Still reasoned that the body has the innate ability to heal and that restrictions in the tissues are but delays. Once those are removed, nature has no route but to deliver perfect health. Superb anatomical knowledge was the foundation. Tissue balancing was the method. The physician's hands were the tools. W.G. Sutherland, DO, under Still's direction, developed the cranial concept, detailing motion of the cranial bones and central nervous system and their role in underlying disease, from migraine to ear infections to seizure. Today, only Cranial Osteopaths practice these traditional methods. We make up less than two percent of all Osteopaths out there. Craniosacral therapy was born from the womb of Osteopathy. J.E. Upledger, DO, himself an Osteopath, began teaching limited Osteopathic techniques and philosophy in 1985. He teaches mostly massage therapists, physical therapists, and other paying non-physicians. What he can not teach, because he instructs non-physicians, is medical diagnosis. No diagnosis often leads to a faulty and misguided treatment.

We hope that this has been an informative guide for those seeking a Craniosacral therapist in Los Angeles.

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